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Pomoč devetčlanski albanski družini iz Ljubljane

They came to Slovenia in search of a better life, but the situation is not the best here either, and it is still easier to survive ... On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, representatives of the Humanitarian Association Merhamet visited a nine-member Albanian family who came to Slovenia in search of a better life. Unfortunately, the current situation in Albania does not allow the family to survive, so two years ago the whole family moved to Slovenia. " We came to Slovenia in search of a better life, but the conditions here are not the best, but it is still easier to survive ...", confided the lady (mother), who warmly welcomed us into her home. A father, mother, sons, daughters-in-law, two grandchildren and a grandfather are currently subsisting on a minimum income. The father, employed by a utility company, earns barely enough to pay the rent and part of the housing costs. The older son takes care of the family's emergency care through occasional work. At the initiative of long-time volunteer Elizabeta Maleškić, in April 2015 we started a charity campaign to collect clothes for children. With the help of good people, we managed to collect quite a few suitable clothes and toys and provide the family with the most necessary food and hygiene products. “I sleep on a broken couch with a hole,” our mother confided to us with a heavy heart, so we appeal to all good people to respond and help the family. In addition to much-needed groceries and clothing, they currently need a double sofa bed. We invite everyone to respond and help a nine-member Albanian family from Ljubljana. You can offer your help in the form of material or financial help. For all information regarding the situation, you can contact us via e-mail info@www.merhamet.si .

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